Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. The placement of knot groupings follows no observable pattern. Therefore, we assign no numerical values to the knots.
  2. The colors were not matched with the color chart and so the color names "Blue" and "Red" apply only to this khipu. Also, the presence or absence of end knots was not recorded.
  3. Construction note: A loop of diameter 1 cm. was tied in the cord as follows: 7.0 cm. 5.0 cm. Thus, the first 2 knot clusters (8L, 1s) were above the loop, the clusters of 20s was on the loop, and the last 1s was beyond the loop.

Primary Cord Notes:
Any indication of the color names "Blue" or "Red" in the Ascher notes are only estimates. No references were made to the color charts. In this case, BG represents "Blue" and RM represents "Red."