Fieldguide Notes:

This khipus has 2 interesting field-marks:
  1. Each group is in (roughly) sorted descending order.
  2. Each cord in the left group is (roughly) greater than the right group.

Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. This khipu and AS018 are not, to our knowledge, associated, but are given identical numbers SA4034 by the owner.
  2. By spacing there are 2 groups of 5 pendants each.
  3. Both groups have the same color pattern-—-B,W,B,B,B:W.
  4. Represent the value on the pendant in group i at position j by
    \[V_{ij}\;\;where\;i=1,2;\;\;j=1,2,...,5 \]
    1. Comparison between groups:
    2. Comparison within groups:
      \[V_{i1}>V_{i2}\;\;and\;\;V_{i1}>V_{i3}\;>\;V_{i4}>V_{i5}\;for\;i=1,2 \]