Khipu Notes

Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. Construction note:
    1. A cord colored W of approximately 8.5 cm. was formed into a circle by tying the ends.
    2. It was attached to the main cord by slipping it through itself around the main cord.
    3. Four pendants were attached to the resultant loop.
  2. The Museum records the khipu as a surface find at La Puntilla (between Paracas and Pisco). Gift of Luis Bastian Pinto, Embajada de Brasil, Lima.
  3. The khipu appears as an illustration in Willey, Gordon R., Arcaheology of the Americas, Vol. II, South America, 1967, Prentice-Hall, p. 183.
  4. The group of 10 pendants (2-11) is divided by color into two subgroups of 5 each: 5 W followed by 5 MB.
  5. Only the 2 single pendants (1 and 21) have subsidiaries.
  6. Pendants 2 and 3 have been mended recently. The knots below the mend have been ignored as their positions are inconsistent with the other pendants.
  7. Long knots and figure-eight knots are used for ten's and unit's positions.

Primary Cord Notes:
Group 5 consists of a loop attachment holding 4 pendant cords.