Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. Since the positions of the s and L knots are inconsistent, no numerical interpretation is given.
  2. AS036 and AS037 are associated and have the same Museum number. They are mentioned in Maranga : Contribución ai Conocimiento de ios Aborigenes del Valle del Rimac, Peru, J . Jij on Y Caamaño, La Prensa Católica, Quito-Equador, 1949. Their provenance is Maranga, Huaca 1. They were excavated in 1925 and were found in association with 4 burials. A purse (Museum number P688) was recovered in the same context, as were pottery vessels, gourds, and shells.
  3. The colors W, G, RD, SB, BB, CB, and KG appear alone or in combination on both AS036 and AS037 . AS037 uses the 2 additional colors B and LG . Neither of the khipus have been given numerical interpretation.