Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. Construction note: These cords are W with DB twisted around for a short distance. P2s2 has DB twisted around it between 22. 0 and 26. 0. P2s1 has DB twisted around it between 18. 0 and 20.5.
  2. This khipu is associated with AS059-AS067/MA029. See discussion under AS059.
  3. The khipu has 10 groups of 10,11,39,18,16,12,8,8,8,10 pendants set off by spacing.
  4. Groups 1 and 2 are similar to each other in color pattern: (lW, 2DB:W, 7W) and (1DB, 2DB:W, 8DB). Also both groups have the maximum pendant value in position 2, value 0 in the last position, and subsidiaries of value 0 in the next to last position.
  5. Groups 3,4,5,6,10 have only blank pendants.
  6. Within groups 6,7,8,9,10, the pendants are unified by color. They are YB, LB:W, W (with W subsidiaries), W (with W subsidiaries), and LB respectively.
  7. Groups 7,8,9 each have 8 pendant cords and a top cord.
    1. Each top cord has one subsidiary. The colors of the top cords are the same as each other but not the same as the pendant cords.
    2. Groups 8 and 9 have subsidiaries which are all blank.
    3. On some pendants in group 8, figure eight knots follow long knots in the units position. They are considered to add to the value of the units position.
    4. For each group, the value of the top cord plus its subsidiary equals the sum of the values of the pendants and subsidiaries of the group (with an error of 1 in group 8). There is no association of the values on the top cord subsidiaries to the pendant subsidiaries, the extra figure eight knots, or any subset of pendants.