Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. AS074-AS080 are associated. See AS074 for discussion.
  2. By spacing there are 9 groups. The first 5 groups have 4 pendants each and, with the exception of the first pendant in the third group, all have the same color pattern (B, W, AB, W). The last 4 groups are basically 3 pendants each (the last has an additional final pendant) and with one exception all have the same color pattern (W, AB, W). Hence, when considered as a whole, all 9 groups have the same color pattern (B if present, W, AB, W) but, by number of pendants in group, the khipu is separated in two parts.
  3. In the first 5 groups, long knots and figure eight knots appear in two knot positions on the first 3 pendants of each group. On the 4th pendant in each group, there is the usual knot usage (single knot clusters in higher positions and long knots or figure eight knots in the units position). Where double unit values appear, the higher value is a 1 and the lower values are 0-4. The last 4 groups have no double unit knot positions.