Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. The main cord has been reconstructed and pendant cords appear to have been restrung. The color of the main cord and the spacing of pendant cords along it have, therefore, not been recorded.
  2. The Museum gives the provenance as Huacho.
  3. Assuming that the relative positions of the remaining cords are original, on the basis of some similarity of color patterning, we hypothesize that the khipu had at least 3 groups. The remaining pendants would be pendants 8-24 of group I, pendants 1-24 of group II, and pendants 1-4 of group III. Groups I and II would then have the same colors in 9 of the 17 matching positions (P10, P14, P16, P18, P19, P21-P24) and groups II and III would have the same colors in 2 of the 4 matching positions (P1, P2). Also, for groups I and II, the relative magnitudes of the values of pendants 19-22 are similar. (For group I they are 7, 70, 270, 260 and for group II they are 5, 50, 240, 240.)