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Original Name: AS090/N2
Original Author: Marcia & Robert Ascher
Museum: Museum Fur Volkerkunde, Munich, W. Germany
Museum Number: G3319
Provenance: Unknown
Region: Peru
Total Number of Cords: 58
Number of Ascher Cord Colors: 1
Benford Match: 0.914
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Datafile: AS090/N2

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Khipu Notes

Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. AS087, AS089, AS090/N2, AS092, AS094 are associated in that the Museum designates them all as donated by Gaffron, and gives Peru as the provenance. For a comparison of them, see AS087.
  2. AS090/N2 is also discussed by Nordenskiold(see Introduction, Table 3).
  3. Long knots and figure eight knots appear in all 3 knot positions. No single knots appear. The positions of the knot clusters o n the pendants are unusually regular. The numerical interpretation in the table is based on the positions of the knot clusters rather than on the type of knots used and their positions. An interpretation of the knot clusters as individual digits is also possible.
  4. When the knot clusters are interpreted as individual digits, each group of pendants can be viewed as 3 parallel rows of digits.
    1. The parallel rows show some similar patterns. For example, read the 5 pendants of the second group as:

      Row 1 -- 3 6 3 1 1
      Row 2 -- 4 5 4 5 2
      Row 3 -- 5 4 5 2 2

      Rows 1 and 3 both have the pattern ABACC for different values of A, B, and C. Also, for the first 3 values in each row, all rows have the pattern ABA. Finally, the consecutive digits 5452 are repeated in rows 2 and 3.
    2. Reading the rows simply as strings of consecutive digits, the same permutations of different values are seen in different groups. For example, the following 5 arrangements of 3 symbols are found in groups 1 and 3: ABC, CBA, ACB, ABCB, CBA:B. In group 1, A=1, B=2, C=3, while in group 3, A=1, B=2, C=5. Further, the first 3 of these arrangements (ABC, CBA, ACB) are found in groups 3 and 5 for the same values of A=5, B=1, C=2.