Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. Three pendant fragments are stored with the khipu. They were color B; lengths 29.0 cm., 28.0 cm., and 30.5 cm.; and values 1, 2, 0 respectively. One of them might be the remainder of this pendant.
  2. AS093 and AS094 are associated. The twisted ends of their main cords are loosely tied together. Also, both are designated by the same Museum number.
  3. AS087, AS089, AS090/N2, AS092, AS093, AS094 are associated in that the Museum designates them all as donated by Gaffron, and gives Peru as the provenance. For a comparison of them, see AS087.
  4. By spacing, the khipu consists of 10 groups of pendants. Each group has 7 pendants, with the exceptions of group 4 which has 1 more, and group 10 which has 1 less.
  5. The values on the pendants are restricted to 0-15.