Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. AS094 and AS093 are associated. The twisted ends of their main cords are loosely tied together. Also, both are given the same Museum number.
  2. AS087, AS089, AS090/N2, AS092/N2, AS093, AS094 are associated in that the Museum designates them all as donated by Gaffron, and gives Peru as the provenance. For a comparison of them, see AS087.
  3. The khipu consists of 6 pendants of color B. Each pendant has 6 subsidiaries. The subsidiaries are attached to the pendants in the same color order (B, B, B, BB:W, B, B) with one exception where there is a BB instead of a B. Nine of the subsidiaries have a subsidiary. They are all BB with the one exception where the color is B.
  4. The values on the khipu are all 0-8. (No values of 5 or 6 are present.)