Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. The khipu is attached to a wooden bar.
  2. This is one of several khipus acquired by the Museum in 1907 with provenance Pachacamac. For a list of these khipus, see AS097.
  3. The pendant order on the listing proceeds from one end of the bar to the other, goes around the end, and continues on the other side . However, regularities are found if the pendants are read instead from one end of the bar until the single knot on the main cord, and then beginning at the original end on the other side of the bar.

    Table 1

    Side 1--broken groups 3 groups of 7 pendants each (Pl-P20)
    2 groups of 3 pendant each (P21-P26)
    Side 2--broken groups 1 group of 7 pendants each (P39-P33)
    2 groups of 3 pendants each (P32-P27)

    With one exception, the last 6 pendants on both sides have the same color pattern. Also, the 3 consecutive groups of 7 pendants on side 1 share one color pattern.

Primary Cord Notes:
This quipu is threaded through a wooden bar. (The pendants appear to be listed in order along the cord, with the possible exception of P7-13, because the cord loops through a hole.)