Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. This is a small piece of cord wound around the pendant for 0.3 cm. between the 2 long knots.
  2. AS182-AS186 are associated in that they are tied together. For a comparison of them, see AS182.
  3. By spacing, the khipu contains 2 pairs of pendants. Each pendant in the second pair is W with a DB subsidiary.
  4. The sum of the pendants in the first pair equals the sum of the pendants in the second pair. Each pair sums to 100.
  5. Multiplication by 2 is suggested by the first 4 values. P1 is a W cord with value 85+5; P2 is DB with value 6+4; P3 is W with value 45; and P3s1 is DB with value 3+2. Note that 2(3+2) = 6+4. If you double 45 and keep the tens position and units position separated, you get 2 (4 tens & 5 ones) = 8 tens + 2(5 ones) = 85+5.