Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. This is one of several khipus acquired by the Museum in 1907 with provenance Pachacamac. For a list of these khipus, see AS097.
  2. AS187, AS188, and AS189 were acquired together as part of the contents of a wicker basket. The basket (museum number VA43330) is 26 cm. x 13 cm. x 5 cm. and contains:

    • VA43331--11 cords, 10 blank pendants, and 17 pendant fragments.
    • VA43332--Fragments of 2 khipus with main cords tied together.
    • VA43333--3 khipus: AS187, AS188, and 1 too broken to record.
    • VA43334--2 khipus: AS189 and 1 too broken to record.
    • VA43335--A collection of colored thread and 1 eyeless needle. The needle is 12.5 cm. long and the top 4.0 cm. is thread wrapped.
    • VA43336--A comb with 17 teeth. The comb is 5.5 cm. long x 2.5 cm. wide x 0.2 cm. thick. From the top to the beginning of the teeth, it is thread wrapped.
    • VA43337-VA43340--4 slings.