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OKR Name: KH0212
Original Author: Marcia & Robert Ascher
Museum: American Museum of Natural History, NY
Museum Number: 41.2/6702
Provenance: Unknown
Region: Ica
Total Number of Cords: 7
Number of Ascher Cord Colors: 4
Benford Match: 0.454
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Khipu Notes

Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. AS190-AS197 were all purchased by the Museum in 1969 from Louis Slavitz, their provenance is near Callengo, Ica Valley. They are compared following AS191.
  2. Construction note: AS194 and AS195 are remarkably similar. Since the second pendant cord on AS194 is separated from the first by 21 cm., is blank, and is only 1 cm. from the knotted end, it is assumed that it is an ending cord of some kind. Hence, AS194 and AS195 each have one pendant cord with 3 subsidiaries, with subsidiaries on the first subsidiary. Their major difference is that AS194 has 2 subsidiaries from the first subsidiary, while AS195 has 3 subsidiaries from the first subsidiary.

    Color: The basic colors used in both are B, W, LB, and KG. The main cords are different mixtures of these colors. Three cords (P1, P1s1, and KG mixture on subsidiary on P1s1) are W on AS194; on AS195, they are B, and the order of colors of P1s2 and P1s3 are reversed.

    Breakage: Coincidentally, on each the only cord broken is an LB subsidiary. This again suggests that different coloring agents are associated with differential preservation. Both are broken at about the same place. This implies that both had numerical values involving the tens position as breakage frequently occurs at points of stress such as where knots would begin. Values: With the exception of AS195 having an additional subsidiary, the values on both khipus are identical.