Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. The Museum acquired the khipu from Mrs. Elsie McDougall in 1962. The acquisition included an associated basket. The provenance is "probably Central Coast Late Period.
  2. By color patterning, the khipu is separated into 2 parts.
    1. The first part is 18 pendants with alternating colors W, B, W, B, etc. The values on the W cords are restricted to 2, 4, 7 while the values on the B cords are multiples of 10 from 10-600. Each of the B cords except the last has a subsidiary colored B with value 5-20.
    2. The second part is 19 pendants all color W, each with value 2, and each with a B colored subsidiary. The subsidiary values include one 13 and the rest are multiples of 10 from 40-80.