Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. AS206 is two fragments of the same khipu. They are not necessarily connected. The first fragment contains 4 groups of 6 pendants each and the other fragment contains 1 group of 5 pendants. All 5 groups have the same color pattern: LB, YB, GO, YB, YB, LB:YB. Where a pendant is missing it is the second pendant in the group. Where there is a subsidiary (groups 2 and 3), it is colored LB and on the last pendant in the groups.
  2. There is too much breakage for comparison of values. However, all groups seem to have the same rank order:

    P5 > P4 > P6 > P1 > P3 ≥ P2.
Primary Cord Notes:
The primary cord is actually broken into two pieces. The "marker" at 12.0 cm is actually a break between separate pieces of the quipu which were not necessarily connected at that point.