Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. By spacing, the khipu is separated into two parts. The first part is 6 pendants, 3 MB:W followed by 3 KB:W, each with two positions of units knots and the values 1 & 9. The second part is two groups of 4 pendants each. Only one of them has a double units knot. The rest of them have values 0-19.
  2. AS207B and AS207C have some similarities. Both are groups of 3 by color followed by groups of 4. AS207B is 3 groups of 3 then 2 groups of 4. AS207C is 2 groups of 3 then 2 groups of 4. The values in the groups of 3 are made up of double units knots. On AS207B they are all 1 followed by 6-9 while on AS20 7C they are all 9 followed by 1. On both the groups of 4 have values 0-20.