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Khipu Notes Exist - See Below

Original Author: Marcia & Robert Ascher
Museum: Brooklyn Museum
Museum Number: X591a
Provenance: Unknown
Region: Unknown
Total Number of Cords: 16
Number of Ascher Cord Colors: 5
Benford Match: 0.166
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Datafile: AS35A

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Khipu Notes

1. AS35A-AS035D is a collection of 4 khipus that are tied together. The main cords are connected consecutively: AS35A to AS35B; AS35B to AS035C; AS035C to AS035D.
2. AS35A has one group of 3 pendants with values seperated by a space from 13 blank pendants. The 13 pendants are divided into groups of 4, 4, and 5 pendants by color.
3. The 4 khipus make use of the same colors alone or in combination: YB is found on all 4; MB and R are on A and D; KB is on B and D; YG is on A and C; and G is on C and D.
4. The values on AS035D repeat values on AS35A and B. The values on AS35A are limited to 17, 11, 14, and the first 3 pendant values on AS035D are 12 with a subsidiary of 5 (total 17), 11, 14. AS35B is limited to 4 values - 10, 22, 26, 34 - and the second group of pendants on AS035D have the same colors and the quite similar values of 10, 21, 26, 34.
correction to 2: "AS35A has one group of 3 pendants with values separated by a space from 13 blank pendants."