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Original Author: Manuel Medrano
Museum: Museum Fur Volkerkunde, Hamburg, Germany
Museum Number: 61.54:2 dop 1
Provenance: unknown
Region: South Peru
Total Number of Cords: 40
Number of Ascher Cord Colors: 6
Benford Match: 0.647
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Datafile: MM006/AN001

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Khipu Notes

Museum Notes

Museum Description: Collector: Cecilia Drumm de Orihuela; Museum Entry Date: 1961; Note: Most of Drumm de Orihuela's collection comes from the Ica/Ocucaje/Paracas region

Cord Notes

8: Cord broken before potential long knot position
All khipus I have studied are currently designated "MM", following convention in the field (and until a more suitable replacement convention is agreed upon)
(Manuel Medrano)