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Original Author: Manuel Medrano
Museum: Museo de América, Madrid, Spain
Museum Number: 14809
Provenance: Unknown
Region: Unknown
Total Number of Cords: 46
Number of Ascher Cord Colors: 18
Benford Match: 0.785
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Datafile: MM018

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Khipu Notes

Notes and Obeservations for Khipu MM018

6: repair knot at 9.5cm, additional repair with metal wire at 27.5cm
8: broken after S knot at 22.0cm
12: repair knot at 33.0cm
14: repair knot at 26.0cm
15: additional pendant fragment tied on at 28.0cm (pseudo repair), has 7L knot tied onto it
20: repair knot at 23.0cm with embedded single knots, can't determine how many
21: broken after first S knot in tens' place
23: broken after first S knot in hundreds' place
24: broken, could be marker cord but attachment knot looks like pendant cord
31: broken after 7th S knot in 10s place
43: metal pin from former display inserted in end knot
All khipus I have studied are currently designated "MM", following convention in the field (and until a more suitable replacement convention is agreed upon). Manuel Medrano.