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Original Author: Kylie Quave
Museum: Dallas Museum of Art
Museum Number: B377/1983.W.2174
Provenance: Inka, Late Horizon
Region: Unknown
Total Number of Cords: 82
Number of Ascher Cord Colors: 12
Benford Match: 0.978
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Datafile: QU005

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Khipu Notes

Khipu is divided into two "groups" of 38 and 19 pendants each. There is a .75 inch space between the two groups.
Only the two tan hues use subsidiaries and the subsidiaries are always ordered lightest to darkest cord from top to bottom.
5 subsidiary cords are attached in the recto when situated to the right of its pendant (4 in Group 1, 1 in Group 2).
Distinct order of color/patterns repeated 6 times through the khipu: 1 light brown, 5 light or dark tan (with staining), 1 or 2 mottled, 2 light or dark tans
There are 9 mottled cords, but no mottle combos are repeated between the two groups.
There are exactly twice as many pendants in Group 1, yet Group 2 has a higher knot value. The values are all skewed because cords seem to be
Subsidiaries can never show more than a value of 99 on knots because they maintain the established register order of the pendants.
In one group of 5 monochrome dark tan pendants, the last has a dark brown subsidiary -- did the others originally have them too?