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Original Author: Kylie Quave
Museum: Dallas Museum of Art
Museum Number: B374/1989.W.2472
Provenance: Inka, Late Horizon
Region: Unknown
Total Number of Cords: 49
Number of Ascher Cord Colors: 10
Benford Match: 0.606
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Datafile: QU010

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Khipu Notes

Fragmentary khipu with subsidiary main cord and subsidiary cords
Khipu fragment with 2 main cords
Includes 2 scrap packages
A = 4 fragments; B = 12 fragments
Blues here are greenish and faded.
Main cord is S-plied dark tan, plied at left and severed at right. Measures 7 inches, 18 centimeters with a light brown subsidiary main cord, almost as large, plied through its own ply. In this way, they are interlocked and become one main cord. The light brown section has a knotted end and measures 10 / 25.5 for a total main cord length of 17 / 43.5.
The so-called "blue" strings may have originally been dyed green (as they now appear).
Very large knot values, but a lot of broken strings, so perhaps not possible to analyze numbers.