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Khipu Notes Exist - See Below

Original Author: Kylie Quave
Museum: Logan Museum, Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin, USA
Museum Number: 1194.04
Provenance: Unknown
Region: Rimac Valley
Total Number of Cords: 6
Number of Ascher Cord Colors: 4
Benford Match: 0.285
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Datafile: QU022

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Khipu Notes

Collector: donated by A.H. Verrill as part of a mummy bundle assemblage (Accession # 100)

3 fragmentary prepared pendants with attachment looped partially
8 prepared pendants with plied end and knotted end (5 unbroken, 3 broken but complete with two fragments)
5 knotted ends of prepared pendants

11 fragments of pendants: listed as:
p7     S   24     BYY:BB turned into the plied end as if they are ready to be attached to a primary cord
p8     S   18     BYY:BB turned into the plied end as if they are ready to be attached to a primary cord
p9     S   10.5   BYY:BB turned into the plied end as if they are ready to be attached to a primary cord
p10    S   43     KYY:BB
p11    S   43     KYY:BB
p12    S   43     KYY:BB
p13    S   43     KYY:BB
p14    S   43     KYY:BB
p15    Z   43     KYY:BB broken in two pieces
p16    S   43     KBB-YY broken in two pieces
p17    S   43     KKB-BB broken in two pieces

Primary Cord Notes:incomplete; has finished plied end of main cord; found inside a coca bag along with vegetal fiber net and loose pendant cords (complete ones registered here)