Khipu Notes:
2. Ex 17 - complex end knot in which an additional thread is tied into a knot, string terminates in two tails
3. Pendant 1 is loosely tied (perhaps by looters)
4. Pendant 120 has a complex attachment to main cord; attachment is doubled around cord and knotted
5. Loop pendants terminate in MB string, tied in knot with 11.0 cm of string extending either side of knot (picture in notes)
6. Pendant 220 is tied around main cord, and extends from it with 20 (pendant string-like) subsidiaries pendant from it (picture in notes)
7. Pendant 269 - the tope 3 turns of the long knot are white mixed with grayish green; then, turns 4-9 of the long knot (and the remainder of string) are all grayish green.
8. Loop pendant 286 = string looped twice around main cord, carries all 21 subsidiaries (picture in notes)
AMS date given as 379 plus/minus 34 BP or 1443-1630 AD. (Current BP dates calculated from inputed CE dates given in notes.)