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Original Author: Carrie Brezine
Museum: Centro Mallqui, Leymebamba, Amazonas
Museum Number: CMA-628/LC1-257C
Provenance: Chachapoyas
Region: Leymebamba
Total Number of Cords: 126
Number of Ascher Cord Colors: 20
Benford Match: 0.831
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Datafile: UR012

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Khipu Notes

1. Hay un senal de hilo glanco a 26 cm en el pendiente #2 (There is a sign of white thread 26 cm in pendant # 2)
2. Hay un senal de hilo blanco a 32 cm en #2s1 (There is a white thread sign at 32 cm in # 2s1)
3. 19s1 era rota; encontramos con unhilo egual de color en la bolsa de hilos fragmentos (atamos al pendients #19 como su primer subsidiario). (19s1 was broken; We found an equal colored thread in the fragment thread bag (we tied pendant # 19 as its first subsidiary).)
4. Los pendientes anillados estan statdos al cordon principal en la forma de pendientes. (Ring pendants are attached to the main cord in the form of pendants.)
some cord values changed 11/17/2004 based on reevaluation of knot positions by Carrie Brezine. Original values in alternate values and cord notes.

Primary Cord Notes:
This khipu is attached to 257E/UR14 and to 257D/UR13