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Khipu Notes Exist - See Below

Original Author: Carrie Brezine
Museum: Banco Central de la Reserva
Museum Number: ATE 3517
Provenance: Unknown
Region: Unknown
Total Number of Cords: 72
Number of Ascher Cord Colors: 5
Benford Match: 0.928
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Datafile: UR053D

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Khipu Notes

Part of a set of 5 khipu that are attached together. This khipu is attached to A, B, and C at 27.0-27.5 by a pendant from C. For more details on group see notes for UR053A.

Primary Cord Notes:
The beginning of the cord is inside the wrapping which attaches A, D & E together. The end is wrapped with white thread for 4.0 cm. The cord is 3-ply