Khipu Notes:
1. Khipu was wrapped tightly in spiral fashion. Primary cord wrapped around bundle several times, fastened by slipping end of pcord through last wrap. Reading done on side of khipu that would face interior of spiral, starting from the end of the pcord which would be at the center of the spiral.
2. Near end of primary cord, colors taper off and cord becomes thinner.
3. Pendants 52, 90, 96, 108 may be markers. Their attachment is not the usual half-hitch attachment.
4. The dark brown color is disintegrating in many places and makes some cords very fragile.
5. all the knots are at a consistent level.
6. Urton thinks that some of the LG color may be camelid. Brezine is unconvinced.
Primary Cord Notes:
Primary cord has two components, each of which has 4 (?) elements. Each of the final two includes AB, MB, HB. Ascher description would be AB:MB:HB for these components; more accurately described as (AB-MB)-(AB-HB). There is an "anomolous knot or bulge" in primary cord in 1 cm space between groups at 34 cm and 37 cm (between cords 104 and 105).