Khipu Notes:
(Notes translated from German by Eric Phelan): Khipu bundle - ancient Peruvian knot-writing, found in Huaura Valley ( at Lima) at the Hacienda Santa Rosalia in the remains of a building (einem Gebauderest), probably an Inkan Tambo at the entrance/start of an old Inkan road in the cultivated valley. Nearby lie the remains of a small settlement and a graveyard. This piece is made of 163 cords, which are arranged in groups of 15 cords and lined up on a 116cm long cord. The cord lengths are on average between 35 and 56 cm. Different/various knots designate tens and ones,and different/various colors, beige, brown, bark blue, light blue, and a beige-blue mixture, probably the types of goods, or the type of person that these recordings have to do with (refer to).
Primary Cord Notes:
Begins with a wrapped end (2cm); to fiirst cord group=4.5cm