Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. Construction note: R/W does not represent R joined to W. The color R alternately appears and disappears on the single cord.
  2. A photograph of AS033 is in Ascher (1975).
  3. Khipu AS033A-AS033G form a collection of 7 khipus that were connected together. The main cords of AS033A, AS033E, and AS033G were tied together to form a circle.
    Suspended from them were their own pendant cords and the khipus numbered AS033B, AS033C, AS033D, and AS033F. The connections were complex.
  4. The colors used in the collection show some similarity. GG appears only on AS033B, LC appears only on AS033C, and BB appears only on AS033E.
    However, AB, AB/W, or AB:W appear on AS033A and B, E, F, G; R or R/W appears on AS033A and B, D, G; and CB appears on AS033A and G.
  5. The khipus in the collection share the following features: groups separated by space, uniform in size, united by color pattern, and with low values.

    • AS033B-6 groups of 3, color consistent with position, values 2-10.
    • AS033C--7 groups of 2, color consistent with position, values 0-3.
    • AS033D--10 groups of 2, color related to position, values 0-6; higher values on sum cords (16, 30, 24, 36, 60).
    • AS033E-2 groups of 2, values 0-4; some higher values (32, 47).
    • AS033F--2 groups of 10, color consistent with position, values 3-14; sum cord (47).
    • AS033G--2 groups, colors same within each group, values 0-13; and two other cords with higher values (10, 22, 35, 37).

  6. The higher values on AS033E and G could be related to sums of values on other khipus as follows. The values:

    • 47 : Sum of W cords on AS033F and sum value on AS033F;
    • 32, 47 : Sum of values in first position in groups on AS033B, sum of values in third position in groups on AS033B;
    • 22 : Sum of all values on AS033C.