Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. Construction note: R/W does not represent R joined to W. The color R appears and then disappears on the single cord . Where GG/W and AB/W appear, they do represent joins, but the place where the cords are joined has not been recorded by us.
  2. This khipu is part of the collection of 7 connected khipus numbered AS033A-AS033G.
  3. This khipu has 6 groups of 3 pendants each by spacing . With the exception of the first pendant in group 1, the colors are consistent with position in group : AB/W, R/W, GG/W.
  4. The only values on the pendants are 2-10 excluding 4 and 8.

Primary Cord Notes:
Primary cord is knotted around the primary cord of khipu AS033A. The first three pendant strings are outside the knot, thus it is difficult to know how the pendant string directions of these three relate to that of the other pendant strings of this khipu.