Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. Construction note : Cord 1 is linked through the twisted end of the main cord.
  2. This khipu is part of the collection of 7 connected khipus numbered AS033A-AS033G.
  3. The khipu cons ists of 2 groups of 10 pendants each by spacing. Within each group, the pendants alternate in color : W, AB, W, AB, ... etc .
  4. With the exception of the cord dangling at the end of the main cord (P1), all values are 3-7 or 11-14.
  5. The values on the AB colored cords are greater than or equal to the values on the adjacent W cords. With the exception of position 2, the values in group 1 are greater than the values in the corresponding positions in group 2.
  6. The value 47 on Pl, which is W, could be associated with the sum of the W pendants. However, there is one W pendant that is broken and so its value is unknown. For 47 to be their sum, this pendant value would have to be 6; this is consistent with the regularities observed above.