Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. Construction note:
    1. The twisted ends of the main cord and cord 1 are linked together and cord 2 is also linked through the open twist of cord 1.
    2. Cord 2 is then looped around cord 1. Hence, cords 1 and 2 dangle from the end of the main cord.
  2. This khipu is part of the collection of 7 connected khipus numbered AS033A-AS033G.
  3. The khipu has two groups by spacing . The groups are also separated by color: the first is all W; the second is all AB :W.

Primary Cord Notes:
Main cord of Khipu AS033F now passes through plies of main cord of khipu AS033G. At this end, primary cord of AS033G passes through plies of AS033F. Cords 1-2 are attached to the primary cord in a complicated manner that is diagrammed in Ascher and Ascher 1987:166-167 with additional notes from CJB 11/01/2002.