Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. There are 3 groups of 9 pendants each by spacing. Each group has the same color pattern and is divided into subgroups by color: 3W followed by 6LB. Within each of the 3 groups, positions 2 and 3 have no subsidiaries, and position 1 has 1 subsidiary. Subsidiaries in position 1 are W, and the subsidiaries in positions 4-9 are LB. Hence, W pendants have W subsidiaries, and LB pendants have LB subsidiaries.
  2. The 27 pendant values range from O to 108. Many are repeated more than once: 0 is present 3 times; 23 twice; 40 twice; 46 three times; 63 three times; and 64 twice. So, in all, there are 18 different values. All 8 values that are 63 or above can be represented as the sum of two other pendant values and all 8 values 51 or below can be part of such an addition. Also, in both Groups 1 and 2: P4+PS+P8 = P7