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Original Name: AS049
Original Author: Marcia & Robert Ascher
Museum: Museo Amano, Lima, Peru
Museum Number: R2699
Provenance: Unknown
Region: Unknown
Total Number of Cords: 86
Number of Ascher Cord Colors: 4
Benford Match: 0.789
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Datafile: UR1049

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Khipu Notes

Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. Construction note: The joined and twisted color on 9s2 was constructed as follows: (a) FB:B and W were joined, (b)bent, and (c)then twisted. Subsidiaries 53s2 and 58sl were similarly constructed with the resulting color changes appearing at 6.0 cm. and 8.0 cm. respectively.
  2. UR1049 and AS048 were excavated by the University of Tokyo expedition at La Centinela, Tambe de Mora. The work is described in Andes, The University of Tokyo Expedition 1958, Report 1, pp. 225-226. The Museum has retained several associated fragments of pottery.
  3. Pendants 2-37 form 6 groups of 6 pendants each, set off by alternation of color (6B, 6W, 6B, 6W, etc.). (This is preceded by 1 W pendant and a broken end on the main cord. Hence, there was probably at least one more group.) Then, by spacing, there are 2 groups of 12 pendants each. Both groups alternate colors internally. The first is DB, W, DB, W, etc., and the next is B, W, B, W, etc.
  4. The only pendant values in the first 6 groups are 0-3. In the last 2 groups the values are 0-10. All subsidiaries have values of 1 or 2.
  5. The first 6 pendants in the last group appear to be the sum of the pendants in the corresponding positions in the first 6 groups. (Four of the 6 are exact and 2 are greater than the sums by 1 and 3 which would be in keeping with a missing first group of values 0-3.) Also, in the last group, the sum of the first 6 pendants equals the sum of the last 6 pendants.