Khipu Notes

Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. The pendant was broken and knotted together at 11.0 cm.
  2. The Museum records the provenance as Hacienda Ulluj alla y Callengo (about 40 km. from Ica). All of the khipus UR1052-AS056 have the same attribution.
  3. By spacing, there are 5 groups of pendants. Each group has 6 pendants united by a top cord. Within each group, the pendants and top cord are the same color.
  4. In all groups there are no subsidiaries on positions 1 and 6.
  5. The values on the top cords are not equal to the sums of the pendants in the group. Two are more than the group sums, 1 is less, and 2 cannot be compared due to breakage.