Ascher Databook Notes:
  1. This khipu is one of several acquired by the Museum in 1904 with provenance between Ica and Pisco. For a discussion of them, see AS098.
  2. By spacing, there are 17 pairs of pendants. In each pair, the first is W and the second LB.
  3. The values on the pendants and subsidiaries are all 0-5 with 1 exception. The exception is a value of 17.
  4. The number 17 is prominent on this khipu. There are 17 pairs of pendants; the value 17 is the exception to the range of values; prior to the value 17 (on pendant 13), there are a total of 17 pendant and subsidiary cords; and after the value 17 (on pendant 13), the sum of the values on the second pendant in each pair is 17.