Khipu Notes

1) No wool noted in examination of the khipu
1) Pendants 2 and 3 are one continuous lenght cord. They are bound together by the subsidiaries, which encircle both cords. Here the subs are noted under pendant 2.
2) 2s1 and 2s2: The subs are knotted together at 2.5
3) 4s2 is tied back to the pendant string with a knot 3.0 cm after its attachment
4) 5 & 6 are the same cord
5) Knot in pendant at 7.5 cm. Knotted section 4.0 cm
5) A diagram
6) Pendant 78.8 are one continuous length of string, knotted around pendant
7) The knots are spaced at, in many cases along most of the length of the string. It seems likely that this is a decimal khipu