The following appendices consist of little “experiments” on the database, to investigate proposed theories about khipu construction.

Name Purpose
01-Untied Knots An investigation of untied knots and their magnitude
02-Database Completeness An investigation of the completeness of records/khipu elements (cord spin, cord attachment, knot-spin, etc.) that are recorded in the Khipu Field Guide
03-Monte Carlo Pendant Pendant Sum A Monte Carlo simulation of Pendant Pendant sums to examine statistical likelihood
04-Clindaniel Inkawasi Replication and examination of Dr. Jon Clindaniel’s results in his PhD. thesis at Harvard
05-Rounded Khipus An investigation of khipus whose cord values are divisible by 10.
06 - Siblings of KH0468-UR231 A preliminary search for UR231’s match.
07 - Searching For Duplicate Khipus A preliminary search for duplicate khipus.
08 - Khipus With Kaytes A preliminary investigation of khipus that have kaytes.
09 - Sorting and Searching for Khipus by Image Similarity An experimental approach to identifying khipus using image similarity.
10 - Broken Khipus Searching for khipus with broken cords.
11 - Cord Value Hierarchy Evaluating cord values by banded vs seriated
12 - Replicating Purucucho Replicating Information Control in the Palace of Puruchuco - An Accounting Hierarchy in a Khipu Archive from Coastal Peru by Gary Urton and Carrie J. Brezine.
13 - Cosine Similarity Matrix A Demonstration of Sorting Data Two Dimensionally using the Cosine Similarity Distance metric